Dear respected participant, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allahi wa Barakatuh
This survey is part of an unprecedented research about Muslims in America. Your cooperation is essential for the successful completion of this unique research. Please answer as many questions as you can and as accurately as possible. JAK

If you did not get this survey from a specific Mosque or through its mailing list (was forwarded to you by a friend for instance), please choose "Some other way" instead of a specific Masjid name.

==> (1) Gender, Age, Marital Status, & Children <==
Center 1 Center 2
Under 6 years 6 - 18 years Over 18 years
Islamic school Private school Public school Charter school Home schooling College / University
==> (2) Education & Employment <==
==> (3) Ethnicity & Residency <==
Father Mother
Year Born in DFW
==> (4) Political & Civic Engagement <==
==> (5) Other Questions <==